Course Reviews: 
I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the threading class this past weekend! I loved the small class and hands on learning. I am looking forward to adding threading services to my salon.  You and the other two instructors did a great job!

The Eyebrow Threading class was very enlightening.  I really enjoyed the hands on and meeting other people in my field.  I took a previous Eyebrow Threading class from another company and felt cheated for my money.  Time went by so fast and I enjoyed everything about the class.  I feel my instructor  was well prepared and very organized.  I would recommend her classes to anyone.  I am interested in taking more of her classes.  
The class was awesome!  You made my day!  I am interested in taking more of your classes...
Your class for Eyebrow Threading was very enlightening.  Your ability of teaching is awesome.  I learned a new quality of life, Eyebrow Threading.
Thank you,  
I felt the class was great!  I learned a great deal of threading and enjoyed the instructor.  It was a pleasure to have taken this class! 
This class was very informative and fun!  I truly didn't think I'd be able to thread before the class, but I'm amazed and feel I can offer this service in my salon.  Beverly was a great instructor and made everyone feel comfortable.  I recommend it!  
I feel I learned everything I need to know to   start threading in my salon.
The class was very fun and exciting! I liked learning the different ways to take out hair using thread and shaping brows.
Great opportunity for me. It was hard to find you but I'm glad I did! 
Thank You!! Great teacher, I really liked her patience and her soft, smooth way of talking and teaching.

I found this class to be very helpful.  I walked out feeling like was able to  do anyone's eyebrows.  It's amazing what you can learn in a few hours!  Thank you, 

I absolutely loved the class!  Our teacher was excellent! Hands-on through the whole class was very helpful! Beverly was great and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you very much for the experience! Dawn

WOW!  I am so excited learning a new beauty technique!  I was simply amazed how easy the class was and with the  great instructor who taught us.  

Our instructor was very nice, proficient and professional.  She took the time to make us feel at ease while learning  threading. The course was relaxed, fun and informative! 

The class was a success! I learned a lot and feel confident in what was taught to me. I am looking forward to the  teacher training course! 

I loved the class! The classmates and instructor made it one of the most enjoyable classes I have ever taken.  The instructor was very patient & understanding, especially since I have had no formal training in cosmetology or esthetics.
She was very knowledgeable about the threading process and also with establishing your own  salon / spa.
Thanks for all your help.

Thank you for the class. It was fun and I loved the diversity with the group. Our instructor was very organized & professional.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for yesterday's class and the extra mile you went to teach me how to do eyebrow threading.  I am so happy I was a part of the class.  I learned a lot and I am going to take the knowledge you gave me to different levels.
Once again, thank you so much!!!  It was truly a great pleasure to have met you and be in your class.

Greetings Beverly,
It was such a pleasure meeting you and Dolly. I truly enjoyed taking your threading class!  I hope our paths cross again, and continued good fortune.

I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot during the eyebrow training course.
Thank you!

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  • 100% Hands On Step by Step Instruction.
  • All Materials Needed for Training Workshop.
  • Course Manual With Techniques, Procedures and Services.
  • Hand to Hand / Figure Eight Threading Technique.
  • Around the Shoulder / Neck Threading Technique.
  • Jaw Clinching Threading Technique.
  • Speed Threading Technique.
  • Aromatherapy Spa Threading Services. 
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Same Day Certification.
  • FREE 10 PIECE Threading Kit With Everything You Need To Get Started!


* Carrying Case For Supplies * Spool of Professional Threading Thread * 

* Eyebrow Comb  * Powder Applicator * Hand Sanitizer *

* Witch Hazel * Cotton Rounds * Oil Free Powder * Head Band * 

* Lavender Infused Aromatherapy Facial Towel * 


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~ JUNE 2016 ~

* SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA ~ June 05, 2016                          1 Space.

* BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS ~ June 06, 2016                              This Class is Full

* LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ~ June 12, 2016                              This Class is Full

* DENVER, COLORADO ~ June 12, 2016                                       This Class is Full

* RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA ~ June 20, 2016                            2 Spaces.

* WASHINGTON, DC / VA ~ June 26, 2016                                    5 Spaces.

* LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ~ June 26, 2016                               3 Spaces.

~ JULY 2016 ~

* FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA ~ July 10, 2016                           4 Spaces.

* NEW YORK, NEW YORK ~ July 10, 2016                                     5 Spaces.

* ATLANTA, GEORGIA ~ July 11, 2016                                         5 Spaces.

* HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA ~ July 17, 2016                            6 Spaces.

* BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS ~ July 25, 2016                               6 Spaces.

~ AUGUST 2016 ~

* NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ~ August 01, 2016                              6 Spaces.

* CHICAGO, ILLINOIS ~ August 29, 2016                                     5 Spaces.

* Our Classes are Small to Give You the Personal Attention You Need to Confidently Master the Art of Eyebrow Threading!

 Threading Services Have Dramatically Increased While Waxing Services Have Decreased Over the Past 5 Years due to 
Growing Popularity and Numerous Benefits of Threading! 

Eyebrow Threading Services Have More Than Doubled in the United States Since 2009!

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Every Spa, Salon and Shopping Mall Throughout the United States!

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