* Eyelash Extensions



Course Reviews:

My instructor Dolly was so awesome, cool and a beautiful instructor. Thank you for your patience. I love the way you taught us. Very simple, easy to understand but full of information that we need for our future career.

Had a wonderful time! It was very relaxing and an educational experience.  The instructor was right on point as usual and provided very good instruction. 
If you have any other courses in our area I would love to attend!  Thank you!
Ms. Wade

I learned alot today! I like the kit and the class was great! 
I would definitely like to take another class, hopefully with Shanda! :)  

The Eyelash Extensions class was hands on step by step instructions and was easy to grasp.  
I learned how to handle all of the materials, how to connect and shape lashes to achieve the desired look, how to  remove the lashes, sanitization (how to clean the equipment) and how to recognize the right size eyelash to adhere the extension to.
I liked the class and time spent hands on applying the eyelashes and actually doing the whole procedure!  
Great Job! 

This was a fantastic class! I started doing my first clients in my salon the very next day! 
Thank you so much for everything! 

The Popularity of Eyelash Extensions Are at an All Time High!
Give Your Clients the Same Look as a Movie Stars or Enhance Their Eyes for a Very Natural Look Without the Use of Mascara!
  • Eyelash Extensions can last any where from 2-8 weeks depending on the type of adhesive they are applied with, the length of the lashes,  and the after care of the clients lashes.
  • Your clients first visit will take approximately 30 minutes - 2 hours depending on speed of the technician and the number of lashes applied to achieve the clients desired look.
  • During the first visit, usually 25 - 150 lashes are applied to each eye.
  • Your  client should re-schedule an appointment with you once  every 2-4 weeks for Eyelash Extension refills which takes approximately 30 minutes - 1 hour.


  • Hands On, Step by Step Training Applying Individual Lashes
  • Hands On, Step by Step Training Applying Strip Lashes
  • Hands On, Step by Step Removing Lashes
  • Instructions Book 
  • Client Consultation
  • Safety and Sanitation 
  • Client After Care
  • 08mm Individual Lashes
  • 10mm Individual Lashes
  • 12mm Individual Lashes
  • 14mm Individual Lashes
  • Strip Lashes
  • Eyelash Adhesive
  • Eyelash Adhesive Gel Remover
  • Adhesive & Eyelash Ring Set
  • Jade Stone Pallet
  • Vetus ESD 12 Tweezers
  • Vetus ESD 17 Tweezers
  • Precision Metal Dual Headed Comb Lash Definer
  • 3M Micropore Medical Tape
  • Eyelash Styling Wands
  • Lint Free Under Eye Gel Pads
  • Micro Brushes
  • Lash Artist Cosmetic Bag
  • Same Day Certification
  • Certificate of Completion