Keep on learning,                                                                     

Though your continuing education for this year is done;

Life is an education

That  has only just begun.


Your certifications are the first big steps,

And knowledge is the key

To winning what you want in life

And being who you want to be.


By continuing your thirst for knowledge,

You'll find the secrets to success

And travel down the golden road

To good fortune, peace and happiness!

Ace Spa and Salon Certification and Continuing Education would like to Thank You All for choosing us to be your "21st Century Spa and Salon Certification and Continuing Education Course Provider" again this year!

We have truly enjoyed getting to know everyone!

Best Wishes to You All and Have a Happy, Safe and Prosperous Holiday Season!  

~ Beverly, Dolly, Hannah, Chris and Michael.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2013!